Good Night, Irene!

by Bella Rum

Irene has come and gone. Good riddance. We lost power on Saturday morning and it was returned about an hour ago. We played a lot of 500 rummy, and I believe I was the overall winner. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

My brother’s business sustained minimal damage – nothing that he can’t handle. I haven’t seen any of the coverage, but I know lives and property were lost. We are grateful.

I will be admitted to the hospital tomorrow morning. My doctor wants to start a new medication that has to be monitored for a few days because of potential side effects. He’ll do another cardioversion on Thursday. He thinks he can get my heart back in rhythm. Sounds good to me.

Have a great week. I’ll give more details of the whopping I gave H when I get back. He really should refuse to play rummy with me.