Update on the School Bus Incident

by Bella Rum

After my granddaughter was dropped off at the wrong bus stop on the first day of kindergarten, my DIL did a little research. She learned that the policy for K4, K5 and first grade children is pretty inconsistent around the country. Some districts have no policy covering this – like where my granddaughter lives. Others require the bus driver to check the tag on the child and make sure it’s their bus stop, others not only require the bus driver to make sure this age group is deposited at the correct bus stop, but a responsible adult must be present and waiting for them. The latter is the policy where we live.

After pursuing this with the bus company, the school and the Board of Ed, everyone is in agreement that going forward, bus drivers will be required to check the children’s bus tags the first week of school. This must be accomplished through the transportation contract because the bus company has “no policy.”

I think my DIL would have preferred they make sure K4, K5 and first graders always land at the correct bus stop, but hopefully most kids will get it right after the first week.