i can see it but i can’t walk on it…

by Bella Rum

We’re here!

It rained all the way and it’s still raining like crazy. I can hear  and see the ocean but I haven’t walked on it yet. That’s fine. The first day is a bust anyway. We usually settle in and go to Food Lion for supplies and make a nice dinner in the cottage. This time we stopped at Harris Teeter’s on the way. I still have to run over to Food Lion for some spinach. It’s my night for vitamin K, and H requested wilted spinach in olive oil and garlic. If I’d eaten more garlic this summer, maybe the gnats would have left me alone .

H is taking a nap. I think he’s tired from all the sleeping he did on the way down. I guess I shouldn’t pick on him. He did wake up long enough to eat a NC barbecue for breakfast. Yes, they will serve you barbecue for breakfast down here, and why not?