back on track

by Bella Rum

Why didn’t someone tell me that this diet thing is a constant nuisance? Anyone who’s visited this place for any length of time knows I lost 50 pounds last year. You didn’t know that? Um. You forgot? I thought for sure you’d keep that piece of information in the forefront of your brainpan, where all the most important details reside – like where you keep your grandmother’s wedding ring,  your two-year-old’s blankie, or your mad money.

Here we go. It’s confession time. Isn’t that what personal blogs are all about? No? Well, let’s just pretend.

I’ve gained five…. six…. maybe seven pounds over the past six weeks. I lost my mind and thought I could eat what ever I wanted. After all these years, you’d think I would have learned my lesson about letting it creep back on. At this point, all that’s required is a little fine tuning. That’s all, but I need to get going now before it becomes a major thing.

There you go. Back on track! That’s me. I’ll let you know how it’s going in a few weeks. Wish me luck and beautiful walking weather.