by Bella Rum

We had a small disappointment today. We had a verbal agreement from a buyer for a piece of property we’ve owned for many years. What seemed like a “done deal” turned sour in the eleventh hour. Tip: Never count your fruit flies before your larva hatches. Tip #2: Get it in writing… which we tried to do but couldn’t quite bring it together before it all fell apart.

I’m still learning lessons at this late date. See, that’s good.

It’s only disappointment. We’ll live to fight another day. When I was young, I was crushed by disappointment. Oh, my goodness. It took days to readjust my sweet personality. What a high maintenance young woman I was. These days, I’m simply grateful to have a hot husband and a roof over my head. Is that what we call wisdom, or is that life beating us into submission?

Anyway, I’m feeling pretty good for someone who had a disappointing and slightly frustrating day.