by Bella Rum

Five or six years ago, before my sister died, she gifted us with a subscription to Prevention magazine. She thought I would enjoy it, but H was the one who started checking the mailbox every month and flipping the pages until they were dog-eared. Then he would hold forth on the most recent super-food or which vitamin supplements we should start taking. I heard him chuckle last night as he was reading an article. Prepared for another tutorial about how to improve joint pain or how six fresh figs have 891 mg of blood pressure-lowering potassium, I asked him what was so funny? He said, “Now I know why you like yoga so much.”

Then he read this little snippet to me.

Q. Sometimes during yoga, I feel like I might orgasm. Am I a freak?

A. Getting your om on could easily lead to the tingles of an O, says Becky Jeffers, a yoga instructor and wellness coordinator at North Shore Urogynecology in Park City, IL. Certain poses stretch the pelvic floor, and your vagina and clitoris sit in the middle of these muscles. Repeated contractions increase blood flow to the genitals and could cause feelings of arousal.

Prevention Magazine

This has not been my experience. Should I ask for a refund.