Well, aren’t you the smartest little boy in the class! Yes, you are! Yes, you are!

by Bella Rum

I ran across the phonetic alphabet last night, a.k.a. NATO spelling (or phonetic) alphabet or just plain old spelling alphabet. Do you know it? Well, I don’t.

Do you think I should memorize it on the off chance it pops up on another cognitive test? Not that I’m still obsessing about my clock or anything because I don’t obsess much. What?

Anyway, I wondered if H would know it. He did, but does that make him smarter than me? I don’t think so. I tested him and he got every single one of them right. Who’s the teacher’s favorite? Maybe he said zebra instead of Zulu. Okay, he didn’t say zebra for Zulu. He said Zulu. BUT he worked for AT&T and was in the military a hundred years ago. Is it my fault that I didn’t do either of those things?

Don’t you love that Romeo and Juliet are in there? So sweet. Just wait till they ask me that one on a cog test.

Okay. Memorize it, people. There will be a test.