Halloween Pics and other stuff…

by Bella Rum

First…I know. Halloween was, um, back in October. Right?

I know you’ve been wondering where-oh-where are Bella’s Halloween pics of the grandkids. He was Ninja Man and she was Leopard Girl. The following is my favorite. The expression on her face says it all – tolerant, wise, long-suffering, older sister. H is in the shower, ladies. Don’t think too much about that. We’re off to an appointment and lunch and maybe a little shopping – not Christmas shopping. I need socks. Yes, I just shared that. Weren’t you dying to know my sock situation?

I can’t complain about Christmas shopping or other holiday related chores. My post office visits and shopping and baking and preparing and hustling and bustling are at an all time low this year. My gift giving has dwindled to the grandchildren, Dad, my brother and my best friend. Then there is the nut brigade, a few neighbors and friends who receive nuts.

No baking for me. Maybe a little. Very little. I can’t do Christmas without a bit of baking. The house smells so delicious. If you had to choose between living over a fish market or bakery, which one would you choose?

Enough silliness. I’m off for a day with my husband. I hope all of you have a great day.