55 and older community

by Bella Rum

We unintentionally wandered into an “active adult community” yesterday. We drove to the other side of town to look at a house we found online. It was in the typical suburban neighborhood, but it turned out to be near one of those “55 and older” communities. They had four models that were open to the public. We were there anyway, so we decided to have a look-see.

I love to see professionally decorated houses in which no one has ever lived – no wet glass staining an end table, no newspaper or socks on the kitchen counter, no cracker crumbs on the carpet. It’s just fun to see perfection occasionally, and the only place you ever see it is where humans have never been – like the side of a mountain. We’re so messy.

It was all new construction, practically no maintenance, one-floor living. They were patio homes with VERY LITTLE property and full yard maintenance for a monthly fee. We liked one of the models but it had zero storage. When I say zero, what I really mean is ZERO! What were they thinking?

I understand the time has arrived, and I’m fully willing to rid myself of excess baggage, but everyone has a Christmas wreath or crock pot  they’d like to hide away somewhere in the rafters. Just because these people are old doesn’t mean they’re ready to completely divest themselves of their worldly goods.

Anyway, we’re not ready for such a place, and I’m not sure we ever will be. I did like the house though. I’d like to have it built on our property, and add a walk up attic over the garage or something. Not a full attic, just a bit of a place for ancient love letters and an old saltwater trunk that held all my great grandmother’s possessions when she arrived in America.

It did make me think of a time when we will no longer want to mow the lawn or shovel the snow. I’m just not sure this is our solution… yet. It feels a little strange to even begin the process of figuring out what will be right for us in ten or fifteen years, but there you have it. The clock keeps ticking, and we all want to live our best life without burdening our kids. I can’t deny that those large showers and first floor masters and laundry rooms make life look pretty simple. I’d just like to look out my window without looking into my neighbor’s window, and even worse, see them looking back.