We’re at it again.

by Bella Rum

Image: 11-2011

It’s in the sixties here today, and I’m sitting next to an open window. The air has that spring-like quality, but it’s January!

Those red-leafed trees in the background of the photo above are all bare now. That was back in early November when we painted the guest room. When we moved here ten years ago, I was in love with color. So we went bold in the guest room and office.

We’re painting the office today. Okay, I’m not painting. H is painting and I’m cheerleading, and giving weather reports to you guys. Everyone has a calling. Mine is to make the folks who do the real work feel appreciated. He put the primer on today, but I swear I will cut in for him tomorrow. (Always a good idea to prime when covering dark colors, and get the guy at the paint store to tint the primer the color of your new paint choice. This will save you an extra coat.)

Do you ever think we’re a little too ambitious  about this painting thing? It must sound as if we paint something every other week. We usually do our painting in January. Things settle down following the holidays.  That’s when I give H that look that says, “Let’s slap some paint on something.”  The paint brushes come out and we’re off to the races.

What else is there to do in January besides paint or make babies that will be born at harvest time? We don’t make babies anymore. So we’re ridding our house of bold paint colors this January, or as they say on HGTV, “Let’s neutralize!”

Don’t they say that?

I started this post hours ago and then got sidetracked. We opened windows in the office and in the room across the hall today to get the cross ventilation. It’s been such a beautiful day. I know that I said I wasn’t the one doing the work and that’s the truth, but this spring-like weather inspired me to do windows. Can you believe that? Well, it’s the truth.

We didn’t finish the painting today but we’ll finish up tomorrow. This will be our last painting project in this house. I do declare, we’re done! But don’t hold me to it.