Martha’s Banana Bread

by Bella Rum

I found one of Martha’s recipes for banana bread the other day and decided to try it. Do you know why? Because it was simple and straightforward. I had all the ingredients on hand.

Martha built her reputation and empire by taking simple things and making them the “best” they could possibly be. She received a fair amount of criticism for this philosophy because “best” often translated to complicated and time-consuming and some characterized it as elitist. I must admit that I have seen her make chocolate chip cookies that would make my mother-in-law mutter the dreaded “fancy” word. I mean, once you have the chocolate and the sugar and the butter, how bad could it be?

I do believe Martha changed her ways when I wasn’t looking. I saw an interview the other night in which she talked about what people want today. Of course, we all know what that is. We’d like to feed our families delicious, nutritious and economical meals that don’t take all evening to prepare, and don’t have too many ingredients. And that’s kind of what she said.

When we want to experiment, I think there’s still room for recipes like the ultimate chocolate chip cookie, but many of us want some really good go-to dishes we can whip out when the world gets hectic and mean.

We smeared cream cheese on each slice.

Anyway, I found this recipe for banana bread, and there’s even a video of Martha and Hugh Jackman making it together. I certainly wouldn’t kick him out of my kitchen.  What is it about those Aussie men? Charming, disarming and alarmingly cute. That’s what. I would even share my ba-non-a bread (as he pronounces it) with Mr. Jackman.