Where did it all go wrong?

by Bella Rum

When was that blackout? Was it yesterday or the day before? Did you participate? The mind is mush. We’ve been in a tizzy for a day or two.

My office is still a mess. We WERE in the home stretch. We thought. The walls were painted; the carpet was clean. All that was left to do was hang a new shade on the window and a few black & white photos on the wall behind the desk.

The black & white photos… that’s where the trouble began. I bought a couple of those inexpensive black frames with the white matting, and I got some photos of the kids and grandkids developed for a couple of pennies. We prepared to hang them. That’s when the trouble began.

Our furniture is this old, metal junk that was left in H’s home office when he retired from AT&T. I painted it years ago with some fantastic, highly toxic, black paint that was created especially for metal. It did a marvelous job. I think I got it at Duron if you’re interested.

A few days ago, we put all the furniture back in place after cleaning the carpet. My desk is nothing more than a door (with a sheet of glass on top) that sits on top of two filing cabinets. When we were ready to hang the black & whites behind the desk, we had to move the filing cabinets away from the wall. OH, NO! There were two perfect rectangles of rust on the carpet. I had neglected to paint the bottom of the file cabinets. Who knew? It was years ago. The wet carpet had caused them to rust. We worked and worked with spot remover and did the best we could. There is significant improvement but I’m afraid the cake was left out too long in the rain and “I’ll never have that recipe again.” What can you do?

We drove down to see Dad yesterday. It was a nice trip and he seemed well. He was pretty animated about some family gossip. He does love gossip. The other topic of conversation was about a duck my brother had cooked for him. He was still licking his lips.

We will try to get the office back in shape today. The carpet is completely dry this time. Then we’ll begin packing. We’re flying out to see our newest granddaughter on Monday morning. We’re pretty excited about that.

That’s all the news around here.

Now, about Wikipedia. Where’s the light? Oh, somebody found it. Whew!