a man in uniform

by Bella Rum

I said goodbye to H about an hour ago. He’s on his way to a new job. Can you believe it? Was it really only last week that we were dancing on each others’ nerves and eying the forks with ill intent?

He applied for a couple of jobs and was offered both. He chose a driving job with Advanced Auto. They’re opening a new store in our area. He only wants two or three days a week. God knows, he must have time off for doctor appointments and naps.

He has three days of training this week. And listen to this. He wears a uniform… sort of. He has to wear a red polo shirt and black chinos. How cute is that?

The interesting thing here is that he found two jobs instantly. H said the Advanced Auto guy told him he was relieved. He said he needed another driver ASAP and didn’t know what he would have done if he hadn’t found H when he did. Of course, these are only part-time jobs, but still. It’s good to know a few jobs are out there. These jobs are perfect for young people who need a few days off for school and partying and retirees who need to schedule their naps.

Okay. Enough nap jokes.

Wish I’d taken a pic of him before he left. He was all shiny and new like the first day of school. All that was missing was a bouquet of number twos.

Maybe he’ll try full-time retirement again next year. A person has to ease into these things.