Mercury Retrograde ~ Here We Go Again!

by Bella Rum

Do  you believe in astrology? I’ve never been particularly interested in it. Like most people, I’ve chuckled over an uncannily accurate horoscope, read the characteristics for each astrological sign, and I’ve smiled or frowned at their accuracy or inaccuracy. That’s about it, but when I experienced computer woes the other day,  Jeanie mentioned Mercury retrograde in the comments, and Linda wondered what it was all about. Knowing Linda, I’m pretty sure she has researched it thoroughly by now, but here we go.

Jeanie’s comment reminded me of all the insanity around here last March when Mercury approached retrograde. In fact, it was this same week in March when all hell broke loose last year. Light bulbs started popping when we flipped the switch or even walked in the room, phones crackled and cackled wildly when no one was even using them, our computers turned as mercurial as adolescent girls, and the freezer of our two-year-old fridge stopped cooling. Even my iron stopped working and started working fine after Mercury was out of retrograde. I haven’t had a problem with it since or the computer until a couple of days ago. Yesterday, we realized our air conditioner isn’t working properly and the fridge is making a strange noise. It’s still working but warning us that it could quit any time it wants. Even H’s magical powers can’t heal all these maladies.

What I’ve Learned

What is Mercury retrograde? Does Mercury really go in reverse? Have you ever been driving along when a car driving beside you slows down? It appears that the other car is moving backwards. And while sitting still in my car, I’ve had the feeling that my car was moving forward when the car beside me started backing out of its parking place. It’s an illusion. That’s what Mercury retrograde is. From the perspective of Earth, it looks like Mercury is going backwards. It’s really just slowing down.

This is what I’ve learned. Mercury is the ruler of communication and transportation. We are to expect a few glitches in our communications and electronics and travel when it’s in retrograde and even for a short period before. Cell phones may lose calls, emails could evaporate into the cosmos, computers may show their fickle side. It’s a good time to avoid making big plans and spend more time in introspection, meditation, and prayer. Then, when Mercury is out of retrograde, use what you’ve learned during the introspective period. Grand plans oft go awry during the retrograde period.

That’s it in an astrological nutshell. Everything I learned from the Internet about Mercury in retrograde. All condensed to two little paragraphs. Not bad.

So let’s take inventory. Our air conditioner is malfunctioning, my computer is working but taking its time firing up in the morning and the fridge is whining. We’re waiting for the next shoe to drop. I’ll keep you posted.

The AC man will be here between 4 and 6 unless his truck malfunctions.

But honestly, we don’t believe in astrology around here. Really.