Weight Watching Buddies

by Bella Rum

About that fifty pounds I lost a year and a half ago, I’ve regained fifteen.


But it could be worse, and will be if I don’t do something soon.

It started creeping back about six months ago. A couple of weeks ago, I decided it was time to do something serious before I regained all of it. I mentioned to H that I was going back to Weight Watchers for a little tune up. Try to imagine my surprise when he said he wanted to go with me. This from the man who can down a bucket of spaghetti and a loaf of bread at one meal?

Like most men, H hasn’t spent his entire life preoccupied with his body, weight or food. He doesn’t know how many calories are in a tablespoon of olive oil any more than I know how to run a combine harvester. However, he has become more interested in nutrition over the last few years, but he still lacks basic knowledge about calories, portion size, fat content, etc. This lack of interest is partly because he’s never had a weight issue. He eats like the Great Famine is making its next appearance next week, but stays well within his weight guidelines. Life isn’t fair, but he actually gained a little extra this year and wants to lose it. So we’re W/W buddies.

There are usually one or two men in a W/W meeting. Women fill the rest of the seats. We were standing in line for the weigh-in when the instructor walked over and checked out my husband, people. Checked him out, I tell you! She then said, “Are you here as support to someone?” He said, “I’m here to lose weight.” She actually checked him out again. Yes, the full up-and-down, and she said, “You don’t look like you need to lose anything…” wink, wink.

Excuse me! I’m standing right here! And I’m much more of a street fighter than I look. I almost put her in a half nelson and walked her around that room. Can you say my mama has a mustache, sweetie? I can’t heeaar you.

Anyway, he was exactly ten pounds over his weight range (wearing heavy jeans). Who wears heavy jeans for a weigh-in? Remember, this is the same man who stepped on the scale at his doctor’s office wearing steel toe shoes, and then wondered why he weighed ten pounds more than he did on his scales at home – naked.

The class was huge because they merged two classes. There were two men in the class besides H. There were at least three people who had lost over a hundred pounds. Whew! And I thought I was “all that” with my fancy fifty under my belt.

The funniest thing is watching H try to digest all this. I guess if you’ve never been in a W/W program and never had to watch your calorie intake, it’s a little daunting when they first give you all the information. Since H is a babe in the woods with this stuff, I’m the authority. I wish you knew how funny that was. Do you know how seldom I get to be the authority on anything around here? I’ll let you know how long I maintain my lofty position.

FYI: They now have little calculators to count your points. If you aren’t familiar with W/W, they don’t count calories. Points are determined by the fat, fiber, carb and protein content of an item. All fruits are free now, even bananas. Am I loving that?

H is competitive, and you all know he will lose faster than I will. Stay tuned for marital turmoil: jealousy, backbiting, envy and sabotage. If he messes with me, I will tell him avocados and potatoes are free because they’re vegetables. Yes, I’m that petty.

This should be interesting.