Mercury, this is getting personal.

by Bella Rum

Mercury must have a grudge against me! The AC is fine now, but the fridge is misbehaving.

Is this getting repetitive or what? It feels like a rerun of a bad movie. I just refreshed my memory by scanning the March 2011 archives. I can’t believe all the things that went haywire around here last year. Half of our appliances, electronics and phones stopped working or didn’t work correctly.

The freezer side of the fridge was one of the many things that broke last March, and it took two visits for the repair man to fix it. I thought I was raising him before it was all over. Really. I gave him advice about career, education, etc. H was afraid I was going to offer him a room. I get entirely too involved with repair men.

I went to the grocery store yesterday. When I returned, I started putting the groceries away. When I opened the fridge door, I noticed the rubber sealing thingie around the door was warm. I placed my hand on the fridge where the door touches when it’s closed, and it was HOT! Are you impressed with those caps? I think they emphasize my surprise nicely. No? Maybe I should bold them. HOT!

When H talked to the repair guy on the phone, he was familiar with the problem. He has to order a part. So he will not be here until Saturday. The fridge is only three years old. Our last fridge caught fire and burned a hole in the flooring when it was only seven-years-old. H asked him if we had anything like that to worry about. He said no… but he didn’t see my CAPS.

You’re not going to believe me here, but I did something so right recently. When I do something this right, I think it gives me permission to howl about it. So howl I will. I’ve always been a skeptic about warranties on new appliances. What does it say about the store’s/manufacturer’s confidence in their product if, in order to sell the customer a warranty, they try to convince him that his shiny, new appliance could need repairs within the first two years . Shouldn’t an expensive appliance last more than two years?

But after a few costly repairs on fairly new appliances, I’m rethinking the quality of modern appliances and the wisdom of warranty-renewal. When the warranty was about to end on our fridge, I told H I thought we should extend it. This was just a few weeks ago. Yes! We’re covered! Hopefully, this will not be a costly repair. Hopefully, it will not cost anything.


You’ll know when I know.