too much of each other

by Bella Rum

You have no idea.

No idea…

how happy I am that H is going to work today.

How long has he been hanging around the house?

TOO (choose your favorite expletive) long. That’s how long.

How do I know when he’s been home too long? When I can hear him chewing. That’s how I know. When he sneezes and I fantasize about holding a pillow over his face. That’s how I know. When he breathes and the inhales and exhales are like a tsunami washing over the Earth.

Because of the nose incident, he’s been unable to do ANYTHING for a week. Do you know how crazy that makes him. Plus. The other super annoying thing? I know he’s lost 10 pounds. Not from nose-ailing, but from adhering to Weight Watchers. He couldn’t even exercise and he still lost 10 pounds. I hate to think of what he would have lost if he could have done his crazy Tae Bo every day. Of course, it won’t be official until tomorrow when we weigh in.

After his one-week follow-up appointment with the Mohs surgeon, which went very well, he stopped by work and told them if they wouldn’t let him work today they shouldn’t be surprised to read about his body being found washed up on a local shore. They laughed – ha, ha, ha – but they gave him hours.

You should see his nose. His Mohs surgeon is a miracle worker. It’s only been a week, and you can barely see where the stitches were. The actual location of the basal cell is still slightly visible. She said it would heal nicely, and then she will do any sanding and fixing-up that she deems necessary. Personally, I think it’s good enough for guv’ment work already… better. He had a small white spot in the crevice of his nose (by the nostril) where another doctor had removed a small basal cell a few years ago. She actually fixed that, too. It was a little bonus. I guess she figured she may as well do it while she was in the neighborhood. Nice.

If you must have a basal cell or other type of cancer removed (especially from the face), ask your dermatologist about Mohs. This is the third basal cell she’s removed for H, and the results were terrific in every case. She’s an artist.

So that’s what’s been happening in the cul-de-sac. We’ve watched a bazillion movies and Mad Men episodes (which I’m enjoying), and we’ve sniped at one another till we just look the other way when the other one walks in the room.  It would have been more tolerable if he could have done something: golf, projects around the house, yard work, anything. I have a light fixture for the foyer sitting in the floor, and I really want a ceiling fan with a light for the office before summer gets rolling, but he had orders (that superseded mine) not to do anything “at all.”

He’s gone now and I’m here alone for the entire day. How sweet it is.