A Few Things

by Bella Rum

1 – We looked at a condo today. It’s only a few minutes from our house. It was beautiful. Not a lot of storage. This seems to be an ongoing theme. It had three bedrooms, and one was a master on the first floor – two bedrooms upstairs for the kids and grandkids. It was large enough for us. I doubt we’ll bid on it, but I think this open house added a few more pluses to the condo column as far as H is concerned. I could see it in his eyes. He was envisioning days on the golf course, extended weekend trips to Annapolis, the mountains and the Outer Banks.  NO outside maintenance! I’m not as sure as he is. I can’t get past that common wall. What if the neighbors have roaches and they visit me? What happens when I yell at H for chewing or snoring or other bodily functions? What if the neighbors hear and report me to the authorities or shun me or worse… ask me to discipline their kids?

2 – H lost 11.2 pounds in three weeks. He’s now within his weight range, but he wants to lose a few more pounds.  Feel free to boo him in the comments.

3 – I will receive my first SS check in July. All of it will go into H’s mouth for at least several months. He needs some implants. He never tells me exactly how many. I think he’s afraid I’ll go to the store for some laundry detergent and never return. They’re molars. I think two. I’m just telling you that so you don’t think he’s walking around with only a couple of teeth in the front. We can’t have that.

4 – Last night I dreamed I took a trip to Tajikistan.

5 – Tonight I’m going to dream about vacationing here…

6 – And Richard Gere will walk up and tell me that I’m the prettiest woman he’s ever seen in a string bikini, and I will agree to be his pretty woman. Hey, it’s a dream.