Baa… Baa… Balloon

by Bella Rum

I was barbecuing chicken on the grill when I heard that peculiar sound that hot air balloons make. The next thing I knew, this ginormous, colorful balloon was rising behind my neighbor’s house and then floating over my backyard. I was quick on the camera so you guys could see. 

It was so close I felt as if I could jump in the basket with them, but my chicken would have burned. So I just watched as it floated on by and out of view, my feet planted firmly on the ground. Can you hear my sigh?

I’m off to find a rare animal, ladies – a supersized-lift-’em-up-but-minimize-’em-with-perkitude black bra. I know that’s a lot to ask of a single foundation garment, but ask I will. I’m going to a wedding next month, and my top is see-through. I know. I’ve never seen so many transparent fashions as this year. I found a very pretty, gauzy top w/black cami thank you very much. So you can only see through the arms. You didn’t think I’d wear anything inappropriate, did you? Still, I need a black bra.