Boy, do I have an endodontist for you!

by Bella Rum

Still among the living, the root canal is behind me. I’m here to tell you I’ve found the best dentist in the world. My regular dentist recommended an endodontist – a root canal specialist. It was fabulous, dahling! Well, it embodied as much fabulosity as a root canal procedure could.

I never felt a thing. My cardiologist okayed epinephrine which can cause heart palpitations, but is commonly used in root canals. He didn’t believe there would be a problem in this application, and he was right. It worked beautifully.

She must have injected every possible location within a city block of the affected tooth, and more when she got inside the tooth. It was splendid, I tell you. The only thing I ever felt was a slight tingle in the tip of my ear when she was using the drill… then nothing after that. Funny how nerves work. You never know where you will feel the sensation.

I’ve used a couple of female dentists recently, and I enjoy the entertainment factor. Yesterday, I listened as the dentist and her assistant chatted above my head. They had obviously worked together for years and were friends. They talked about a local cinema where you can enjoy dinner while watching the film. You sit at a table in very comfortable chairs. Servers serve the entire meal, drinks to dessert, before the movie begins, and you dine while watching. Apparently you’ll never want to watch a movie in any other way after this experience. They talked about an actress who had a bad cosmetic surgery experience recently, and they chatted about local cosmetic surgeons, too.

I could not contribute to the conversation, and that was a little frustrating, especially when they started talking about energy drinks. They seemed excited about one that’s equivalent to drinking five cups of coffee, and there’s also a strip of paper you can get at Walgreen’s. You put it under your tongue, and it’s equal to a direct shot of energy – POW! Finally, I was relieved when the assistant said she hadn’t tried it because she was a little concerned about the potential effects on the heart. The dentist, however, said she could imagine herself drinking the five-cup-coffee drink just before going home to the kids.

Now, all of this girl talk may sound unprofessional, but I must tell you that she was working like a mechanic on my tooth the entire time. It absolutely was a mechanical exercise. She was a well oiled machine, and I could tell she had done this procedure thousands of times. She could have done it in her sleep. Probably has. It was impressive and wholly different from my last root canal experience. They could have talked about projectile vomiting for all I care. Just get the job done and don’t hurt me! And that’s what they did.

I vacillated between letting my regular dentist do this or going to a specialist. I’ll never do that again. Go with the guy… or gal who has done the procedure a million times.