One Ringy Dingy… Two…

by Bella Rum

When I go to yoga, I leave my cell phone in the car. I could take it inside and turn the sound off, but I don’t trust myself to remember every time. I don’t trust myself to remember to put my shoes on.

On the first day of each new session, the instructor reminds everyone to turn their phones off when they come to class… to always turn their phones off. She also gives us a list of *dos and don’ts: no perfume (I bet someone complained about that one), turn cell phones off, etc. Common courtesy sort of things.

There’s nothing worse (okay, there are worse things) than drifting down into that peaceful place only to be jarred into full consciousness by a locomotive choo, choo, chooing its way through the room. Not once, not twice, but three times, cell phones rang during yoga last week. The phones belonged to two different women.

My favorite was the steaming locomotive ringtone that went off early in the practice, and made a second appearance toward the end of meditation. It went on and on until our usually unflappable instructor said, “I guess we’re done.”

I do love the sound of a distant train filled with dreams of far away places and all that, but a whoo, whoo, chugga, chugga, chugga blasting through the middle of yoga practice? I’m sure the owner of the phone was embarrassed, apparently too embarrassed to reach for it and turn it off.

Our nonconfrontational instructor said not a word about the incident last week, however, yesterday, at the beginning of class, holding her cell phone in her hand, she said, “I’m turning my cell phone off now.”


You say tuh-mey-toh; I say tuh-mah-toh…

dos and don’ts or do’s and don’t’s?


There is no answer that will not raise a storm of protest from some quarter. Some say that apostrophes should NEVER be used for plurals, hence: “dos and don’ts”. I personally do not like that ‘dos’, which looks like computer software, and would be happy to settle for the mongrel solution, “do’s and don’ts”. Purists from both sides would decry that, however, and some would opt for the more consistent “do’s and don’t’s”– which I don’t like because of the plethora of apostrophes in the latter word.