HGTV Be Damned or I Love Me Some Ceiling Fan

by Bella Rum

I love HGTV. I’m a fan. Pun intended. My all time favorite show is House Hunters. There’s just something about watching those couples checking out three (not 2, not 4, but 3) houses and choosing one to spend the next few years of their lives in. In only 30 minutes, I’m fully invested in which house that young couple should choose. No, that one is to expensive. Not that one! It’s too close to the noisy Interstate. Oh, not the one with the pool. Your toddler could fall in.

BUT have you noticed how the interior design shows eschew ceiling fans? What is the matter with them? The first thing they want to do is remove the ceiling fan and put a chandelier up there. Okay, maybe chandeliers are on the way out. One can only hope. BUT the designers still hate ceiling fans. I love ’em. They mitigate energy costs and they create a pleasant atmosphere in a room. Who can argue about a gentle breeze?

H and I made a visit to Home Depot and Lowe’s a few days ago and bought a ceiling fan for the office. I had to check out each fan because that’s who I am. It seemed that I couldn’t find the right combination of light fixture and shape of fan blade that my heart desired. I ended up making a compromise. We found two that I could live with, but I preferred one over the other. My preference was $20.00 more than the runner-up. As you might guess, H was dandy fine with the cheaper fan. We spat back and forth.

H ~ I like this one. (cheaper fan)

Me ~ I like this one. (more expensive fan)

H~ There isn’t that much difference.

Me~ I think there is.

H~ Well…

Me ~ A smart man would know that it it’s worth twenty bucks to shut me up.

H ~ Picks up the box with the more expensive fan and we head for the register.

H installed the fan, and domestic tranquility prevails.

Ironically, the photo was found on HGTV. So a few folks over there aren’t offended by a pleasant breeze. The fan that H installed is similar to the one in the photo. The blades are not exactly the same shape.