Bring an Umbrella!

by Bella Rum

My friend’s daughter is getting married tomorrow. The ceremony begins at 6:30 pm. It’s an outdoor wedding. Temps will only be around 90 (could be worse) and there’s a 40% chance of thunderstorms (don’t want to think about it).

We’ve had some violent storms recently that caused power outages and downed trees, etc.  You  have to be fearless to have an outdoor wedding. I don’t have the constitution for it. I would be a mess. The ceremony will be outdoors, but they do have a tent for the reception.

Hopefully, all will go well.

They are getting married on the bride’s uncle’s farm. It’s only a few minutes from my house. The setting is perfect. It has beautiful gardens, and the bride spent a lot of her childhood there. I’m excited for them.