… on to happier topics…

by Bella Rum

The Good Stuff

The grandkids are coming for a visit tomorrow. This is the perfect distraction for me. Have I mentioned that the baby looks like me. Poor little thing. 🙂 Her parents keep saying how much she reminds them of me so I rummaged around for one of my baby pics yesterday. I’ve resisted the notion, but I think they may be right.

I’m making that peach cobbler again. Peach cobbler and grandkids. I could overdose. I’ve been stress eating this week. Never a good thing. Must get back on track next week. Write that down.

In Other Silliness Around Here

The air conditioner has been fully repaired, but the hardwood floors in the foyer are… um… how do I describe this? I wouldn’t say they’re popping up, but they are warped. Yes, that’s it. Warped? Why…? Dunno for sure, but we think it has something to do with the A/C leakage. (Leakage!? Never a good word around my bladder.) Who the heck knows what caused it?  I tried to open the bathroom door last week, but I couldn’t get it over the rug in the hallway. I couldn’t figure why that would happen. I looked at the floor and the edges of each board were slightly warped. Mold is probably growing under there this very minute. It makes me itch to think about it.

The attic is leaking.

I want to get rid of this house and move into a condo.

Silver Linings

The fridge is on the blink… again. The ice maker is broken. This means another visit from that cute little Kevin The Refrigerator Repair Man!! I told you I’d see him again if we kept this fridge, and we have insurance so it should be free. Silver linings all over the place in this one.


All first world problems.

The grandkids are coming. The grandkids are coming.