I can’t bring myself to bore you with one more home maintenance story.

by Bella Rum

So how about a continuation of the same old story? We’ve gotten the third estimate on the water damage in the foyer (you know there will be pics eventually). I’m impressed at how close the estimates have been. They’re all within a few dollars of each other, but they all emphasize that the price could rise once they pull the hardwoods and see (cue scary music here) what lies beneath. The sub-flooring could be ruined and moldy and filled with angry, teaming bacteria. The baseboard could be hiding waterย  damage to the wallboard and … the ankle bone’s connected to the leg bone, etc.

In other craziness…

  • I watched Deliverance yesterday. I KNOW. Last night I dreamed my teeth were falling out.
  • “H” said he overheard a customer at work tell another employee that he would ask “the old guy.” Then he walked over to “H” and asked him the question.
  • I frightened a woman the other day when I sneaked up on her while she was sitting in her Prius in Trader Joe’s parking lot. I felt bad and told her so, however, I proceeded to ask her twenty questions about her car. Observation: There seem to be pockets, enclaves if you will, where Prii* gather in large numbers. Trader Joe’s in Williamsburg, VA is one of those pockets. Every second or third car in the lot is a Prius. The remainder can be found loitering around Fresh Market and Whole Foods.

* According to a team of engineers and wordsmiths at Toyota, the plural of Prius has been declared Prii.