Old Fools

by Bella Rum

I’m minding my own business. He walks in the room and you know who “he” is. He moves the plastic container that holds ALL of our vitamins and meds. He moves it from where I placed it a few minutes before he walked in the room. At least he doesn’t move my MON/TUE/WED pill container. When I finally look up and realize he’s moved the meds, I ask …

Me ~ Why did you move the meds?

H ~ I don’t know.

Me ~ I was getting ready to put my meds in my container.

H ~ (he reaches for the big container) Here.

Me ~ I sat it here… where I wanted it and you walked in a moved it.

H ~ Yup.

Me ~ I thought you were going to do your meds.

H ~ I was.

Me ~ But you didn’t.

H ~ Nope.

Me ~ So why you messin’ with my system?

H ~ &#!%!* You’re losing it, you know that?

Me ~ You’re annoying and you’re invading my space and you’re chewing (pretzels)  so loud.

H ~ He laughs. (which is even more annoying)

And that’s how two people let of steam when they’re bored. Now he’s on his way to the grocery store. That should keep him out of my hair for 45 minutes. I better get these things sorted before he gets back. Then I’ll try to distract him while he’s putting his pills in his container, and maybe he’ll screw up the order or forget a vitamin or his fiber supplements. This is how the mighty boomers get their kicks these days.