Beachy Keen

by Bella Rum

Beach Crusin’

Beachy Keen! That’s the name of our latest puzzle. We’re puzzling, and that’s a verb. We started taking a puzzle on vacation a few years ago. It was relaxing and distracting.  Then we decided to do a puzzle on the credenza in the office.

“Online Dating”

The next thing you know, we rearranged things in our bedroom and created a puzzle table. Our latest creation is “Beachy Keen.”

Beachy Keen

Puzzles remind me of cross stitch. When my son was young, cross stitch was all the rage. I found it soothing because it was the opposite of life. It was never messy. You had a pattern to follow; if you followed the pattern, everything turned out beachy keen. Don’t we all wish it was so easy?

Things are not beachy keen around here. They are not even close, but we keep plugging away. Issues with Dad’s caregivers have arisen already. We will be staying with him for a few days and trying to work things out – not cross stitch-perfect, but something doable. Doable is good.