One of these days…

by Bella Rum

… you’ll be receiving my missives from a comfy condo or cottage that requires no outside maintenance. I will have a plethora of stories about eccentric, old ladies who paint their cats’ toenails and dress them in costumes on holidays. That or you’ll be reading their blogs about me locking H outside in his boxers when it snows. Until then, you’ll have to read about my clogged gutters.

We had a tremendous downpour yesterday, attended by clamorous thunder and fiery bolts of you know what. Unlike most thunderstorms, it was not short-lived, but drummed on for some time. I’m not sure if it was part of Isaac’s leftovers or not. I’m usually all about leftovers, but this was no fried drumstick tucked in the fridge for a tasty breakfast. The gutters couldn’t handle it. I think they need a little sweeping. What do you think?I’ll have the house to myself today… thankfully. I haven’t had a day to myself all week and I need it. H isΒ  off to work shortly. He only works two days a week most of the time. He doesn’t enjoy this job as much as his last one, but the hours are great. πŸ™‚

He’s thinking about getting a job at a golf course for the free green fees. Is that an oxymoron? Free fees? Maybe discounted green fees is better. And what’s the plural. Green fees? Greens fee? I actually found an article that claims the plural is greens fee, but the title of the article was Green Fees. Ha! Green fees sounds right to me.

And I dreamed about vampires last night. This is about the third time I’ve smacked H in the head this month… while sleeping of course. Excuse me, but I tend to flail around a bit when a vampire is about to commence feeding on my neck, albeit a strikingly handsome vampire.

Now that we have all that straight, I hope everyone has a great Monday and that things dry out around here. Oh, and the humidity. If I’m going to make this a truly and wholly gripe-ee post, I am required to point out that it’s September, and it’s still sickeningly humid. Gutters, green fees, humidity, vampires… all problems I can deal with, all silly, simple or solvable and no one loses an eye.

Have a good one.