Adjustments to New Job, School and Location

by Bella Rum

Later this morning, we’re driving up to see the kids and grandkids for a couple of days. It feels strange to even write that. I can’t get over it. They now live only three hours away. That’s the closest they’ve lived since they got married.

My head is still spinning. It seems to have happened overnight. My son came out for an interview in late July, received confirmation that he had the job in early August and they moved in late August. Swish! Everything happened in about one month. That’s quite a feat with three kids.

I’m always amazed at how quickly life changes. It saunters along the same path for years; then one day you wake up, and nothing is the same except the members of your family and your stuff that was shipped from your former life.

They ran into some aggravation with MVA. I knew they would. Acquiring a new driver’s license in a new state is a little different since 9/11, which is fine if you have a reasonable amount of time, but they had to register the six-year-old for school the day after they moved. Anyway, you get the picture. They needed what they needed and they needed it quickly. Everything worked out and that’s what matters. It was just one more frustration that goes along with moving.

My DIL is very happy to be back on the East Coast. She is not thrilled with the apartment, but she points out that they will not live there long. She says that my son seems relaxed in his new job. Relaxed? Are you kidding me? This is very unusual. He’s an “A” type, but I believe this relatively new attitude is age related. I do see a change. He seems more balanced, and those of us close to him have noticed that his priorities have shifted a little. As far as I’m concerned, this is a welcome change.

Anyway, he likes the people and the atmosphere and sees much opportunity at the new job. I think it’s exciting for him. This is all good. Now if only my granddaughter could like her new school as much as her last. She’s in an excellent school district, but I think it’s difficult to beat the wonderful environment she loved so much at her Midwest school, and she misses her old teacher. Of course, she would not have had the same teacher this year anyway.  She’s like me. Adjustment does not come quickly or easily.

Now I have to pack and hit the road. Have a great weekend, everyone!