Fame and Fortune

by Bella Rum

Guess who was on The Chew yesterday? Let me rephrase that. Guess whose photo was on The Chew yesterday. My DIL and the two oldest grandchildren. My DIL made one of the recipes from the show. She sent this photo to them and a photo of the Cast Iron Pork Pie she made. They have a segment where they show photos of viewers and the recipes they’ve made. It was quick and cute, and I’m sure the kids enjoyed seeing themselves on television. I’ve never watched The Chew but I DVRd this episode. You know I did.

Our short trip was splendid. In my opinion, nothing beats short and sweet and frequent. It surely beats only a couple of visits a year. That bittersweet feeling that we usually feel at the end of a visit was absent. We left them knowing we’d see them again very soon. I can hardly believe our good fortune.

They live near a Cheesecake Factory. Please. I may as well confess now. They bought a cheesecake for dessert, and I made sure I got my dessert after each meal – not breakfast. How bad do you think I am? However bad you think I am, you’re probably right. I’ve been horrible for about six weeks now. I’ve succeeded in doing much damage to myself, and I started that impossibly frustrating attempt to regain control yesterday. Let me tell you, it is pretty difficult to tame a hungry lion. Pretty difficult.

The weather has finally given us a break. The slight nip in the morning air and the lack of humidity is sweet and refreshing. I plan to start walking outside. I will return to my Leslie Sansone DVD when the weather turns frigid and ice is on the ground. It’s so beautiful this time of year. I’m trying to wait patiently for the pumpkins and gourds and ghosties and goblins to arrive and that ridiculously vibrant color that paints the trees.