She Survives

by Bella Rum

I’m alive. My body refuses to attain that highly desirable 100% cured status, but I am upright, mobile and can now breathe while in a reclining position. These are considerable improvements for which I am duly appreciative.

H demonstrated symptoms two days after I did. You cannot sleep in the same bed with someone and refuse to harbor their terroristic germs. It’s the law. He appeared to improve before I did,ย  but he then experienced what we are fondly referring to as the righteous relapse. Finally succumbing to the true horrors of this filthy bug, he found himself reduced to a pathetic, sniveling, hacking, congestion ridden mortal like myself. The mighty man was crestfallen when he was forced to cancel a reserved aerator because he was too weak to push it around the yard. I never thought I’d see the day.

He was well enough to go to work today, and we both feel much better.

In other news…

He said I woke him last night, and I talked to him with a French accent. I wish I could remember the dream. I would force you to read about it. I’m pretty sure croissants were involved.

In the midst of our illness (on a good day), we drove to the “floor store” and chose our new floors. H said it was the fastest he’d ever seen me make a decision about anything. We felt some pressure to go ahead and do the deed because the quote they gave us would have expired in a few days. While hacking up the lower quadrant of his left lung, H told the sales rep that we had the flu. The poor guy visibly cringed and backed away.

I quickly assured him it was not the flu. Of course I wasn’t sure if we had the flu or not, but I bent the truth as smoothly as a skilled blacksmith bends iron. Later I wondered why? I guess I felt guilty for potentially exposing him to something as nasty as the flu. So that tells you something about my character.ย  I think of him occasionally and wonder if he’s still on his feet. H says he’s young and will persevere. So that tells you something about H’s empathy quotient. I’m more empathetic, but will lie. H will tell you the truth, but will not lose any sleep over your agony. Quite the dysfunctional pair.

I’ll be around to visit everyone soon.