Ba, ba, ba, BANG!

by Bella Rum

llustration by Goro Sasaki

I’ve listened to continuous pounding since ten o’clock this morning. The flooring company is here to replace the floors. It’s after 5:00 and they’re still going at it. It sounds like they’re dismantling the entire house… one stud at a time. H is sleeping through the entire thing. It isn’t possible.

H and I moved the furniture out of the family room and into the living room yesterday. He sometimes takes an afternoon nap on the couch. I asked him if “polarity issues” would prevent him from falling asleep on it now that it’s facing a different direction. “I’m ambidextrous.”

I’m looking forward to a peaceful evening of eating Thai in my jammies and watching The Good Wife or Mad Men – all on DVR and in the bedroom. I’m not sure when I’ll have use of my family room or kitchen again. The dishwasher is sitting in the garage. The fridge is another story.

Coming soon: “before and after” pics upon completion and maybe some sneak peeks tomorrow.