Sneak Peek

by Bella Rum

I promised a sneak peak of the progress on the new floors in that last post. As advertised, here it is, and I’ve included a few behind-the-scenes-underbelly-type pics, too. Why not show the good, the bad and the ugly? We had to move everything into the living room and dining room.We even had to take the pictures off the walls.This one reminds me of the junk stores and antique shops we bought this stuff from, and our parents’ barns and sheds and basements where we pilfered a lot of it.

By the way, I would never put hardwoods in a kitchen. I just wouldn’t. I’m way to messy, but we’re, hopefully, looking at resale sometime next year. One continuous surface throughout seems to be all the rage. It does look nice, but I don’t know about the serviceability in a kitchen.

We decided we’d never have an opportunity to do this at this price again. The insurance company paid for the damaged area and we covered the rest – for a few dollars more…. well, about 50 percent more. Lemons to lemonade and all that. Let’s hope prospective buyers agree.

I’m heading up to Bed Bath & Beyond with a fistful of coupons for rugs to go in the kitchen. I’m sure I can still manage to splatter around them. Ordering takeout for the foreseeable future seems like a reasonable solution. Right?

Oops. A little correction necessary. I misspelled sneak in the title.