Look What Appeared at my Front Door!

by Bella Rum

It’s only my flowerbed, but it looks more like the surface of a planet in a galaxy far, far away. All I can say is, the little people who inhabit it better have little, teeny Hummers to transport them to Grandma’s house. Cuz she accepts no excuses.~Okay, that’s enough weirdness for this morning, but I never feel quite right until I share the weirdness with you. Think of me as a dog shaking off excess water after his bath. I just can’t stop myself.


The “grand-trio” arrived, conquered and departed. They are a whirlwind, a traveling circus, a force of nature. They fill the house with energy until it shakes and shivers, and when they leave, I’m always concerned the entire structure will collapse from the vacuum their leave-taking creates. But there’s a big difference now. They will return and not three or four months from now; only a few weeks will pass before we are all playing pic-up sticks or walking up to the playground or reading books together. It’s a mighty good thing.

We made our scarecrow man. We usually do it with my friend’s grandson. This was the grand-trio’s first time because they’ve never been here at this time of year.


She didn’t know what any of this was about, but she knew she liked it.

Does he have a big head?  This happens every year. H has this thing about stuffing the straw into the burlap. He can’t seem to stop. It may be the only thing he’s compulsive about. Mr. Scarecrow also looks like he’s enjoyed a few too many blackbird pies, but who am I to judge?