Back on the Grid

by Bella Rum

So sorry for not posting sooner. I haven’t been near the computer for a while.

We are still here. Safe if not so sound. Sandy barely kissed our shores and left us all but unscathed. She did leave about a foot of water in my brother’s business. He was prepared for it and suffered minimum damage. During the few days leading up to the storm, he removed everything from the premises that could be moved. It was too difficult to remove industrial refrigerators and the like. When it’s all said and done, he fared well – much better than previous storms.

Dad has not fared well. He’s had a few mini strokes, and is having swallowing difficulties. We’ve spent our time traveling between our house and his the past few weeks. There have been trips to the doctor and hospital. There have been tests and diagnoses. He’s aspirating (inhalation of food into the trachea and lungs), and he now has pneumonia as a result. He’s lost weight. He’s still himself but a hallowed version. He’s aware and can talk, but shows no desire to engage. He’s listless. It is very sad. I believe we’re on the down slide, but that’s not to say this will be quick. I don’t believe it will be. He isn’t ready yet, but I can’t see how he can continue long-term. Then again, I’ve watched him rally many times. You don’t get to be 95 without kicking death in the teeth a few times.

My brother and I are on the same page. Do what we can, accept what we can’t, and keep him at home as long as possible – hopefully until the end. Oh, and then there’s that other thing with my brother… no matter what the doctors say about soft or mechanical diets, Dad still gets fried seafood when he wants it. I have no influence in this area. Frankly, I don’t intend to lecture. I just tell them to cut everything into small pieces, and for heaven’s sake, remove the bones. You know my family is a little off the ranch when it comes to the seafood thing.

I haven’t had much time to update, and when I have had the time, I haven’t had the energy. All of this combined with a few issues of my own, but certainly nothing that compares with Dad’s problems, has left little time for visiting you guys or updating.

I will be around to visit everyone soon. I do miss this blog thing very much and all of you.