Keeping All The Balls in the Air

by Bella Rum

It’s been an eventful week. That is the most benign description I can come up with, but look at me using restraint.

The Grand Trio left me lying prostrate on the field yet again. They are more charming than speckled pups, but their parents should put warning labels on those kids. Couldn’t the government use a delivery system like that? All cute and cuddly and deadly.

I’ve had the usual symptoms: cough, fever, sweating, joint pain, nausea, vomiting, lower back pain around kidney.

Oops! What’s that you say? Back pain? Does that really fit with all those ordinary symptoms?

First, let’s backtrack a little and I’ll tell you about…

What Happened to H!

On Tuesday, his upper lip started swelling. I told him to take Benadryl. We talked to the kids in the evening and went to bed early. He woke me around two o’clock. His already swollen lip had doubled in size, and the flesh around his eyes was swelling. I rose from my sickbed and drove him to ER. Excellent decision.

They believe he developed an allergy to his BP med (not 100% sure), and explained that sometimes the tongue swells so much that breathing is obstructed. Bad scenario. They “pumped him up” with some steroids and kept him a few hours for observation. We returned home and to bed. When he woke, he was back to normal.

They gave him an EpiPen as a parting gift. Don’t you love parting gifts? They’re right up there with door prizes and party favors. If his throat starts closing, he can stick himself with it or give me the honors.Epipen

That was all on Tuesday, but let’s get back to me.

After experiencing fever, respiratory issues, etc. for a week, I started with back pain yesterday. It ebbed and flowed. It woke me this morning around 2:30 with greater intensity. I woke H and told him to put his pants on. Back to ER. They all remembered us from almost exactly twenty-four hours earlier. No short-term memory-loss there. Good to know.

Have you ever done two nights in a row in an ER… as a patient or spouse of…? Just scratch this one off your bucket list now. We returned home a few hours ago. No Urinary Tract Infection. The lower back pain was a symptom of pneumonia in the lower part of my right lung. They gave me a drip. Dr. Johanna said I really needed it. I was so dehydrated from the fevers all week. I feel better now than I’ve felt all week, and I’m positive it’s because I’m finally hydrated. She gave me a script, and I’m confident it will do the trick.

Whew! I can’t say I’ll mind looking at this week in the rear-view mirror.

Oh, and this was my parting gift, an incentive spirometer. You don’t blow into it, but inhale deeply to get the little balls to rise. It gives the patient incentive to breathe deeply, try to get those balls in the air and keep them there. But isn’t that always the goal? Keeping all the balls in the air? 001901A

And I have to say, we were treated supremely by everyone. For a bad experience, it wasn’t bad. Let’s hear it for those folks who spend their nights waiting for drunk drivers and gunshot victims and swollen-lipped old men to reach their doors.