Will Santa find me in room 3105?

by Bella Rum

imageCul-de-sac is coming to you today from my five-star hospItal room. Things took a turn down Ugly Lane in the wee hours of Sunday morning. Breathing became difficult and we headed for a hospital ten minutes from the house. It was a long and scary day. The climax being when my body staged a sit in and decided that working for a living was for suckers. I was breathing what should have been deep, fulfilling breaths, but nothing was working. I could feel my lungs closing up shop.

H grabbed the first nurse he could find and soon the room filled with people who, thankfully, knew what they were doing.  I was in the grasp of a bronchial spasam – a place you don’t want to be.

So I find myself on this Christmas morning breathing deeply as I take my umpteenth breathing treatment, and waking at all hours as dedicated nurses inject  me with strong steroids. They haven’t decided what my underlying problem is. There are no signs of lingering pneumonia. Whatever this gremlin is, it is not pneumonia. Pneumonia may have triggered it, may have prevented a correct diagnosis and delayed proper treatment, but it is not the ultimate culprit.
H remains glued to my side. All the rooms are private in this hospital. There’s a very nice built-in sofa that converts to a twin bed for spouses or parents. The worst part of this experience is seeing the visible toll it has taken on H, even though he did hit me in the head with the pink plastic vomit bucket in his haste to prevent a disgusting cleanup for someone. All is forgiven. He watched It’s a Wonderful Life with me last night.

We will see the Grand Trio as soon as possible. Everything is at the ready for their arrival. When things looked sketchy a few weeks ago, I prepared for the worst case scenario. That’s  my strong suit.

Thank you to all who left comments on the previous post. It means more than you know. I wish you and yours a joyous holiday.

You must forgive all errors. I’m using H’s iPad, and I’m useless and sight impaired 🙂 and sick, but never too sick to make my excuses.

Have a very merry one!!!