by Bella Rum

imageI’m alone now. That is no small accomplishment in a place like this. There are a dozen people whose entire existence is dedicated to my pruning and watering and feeding. Since I wrote that first sentence, someone has arrived to check my blood sugars, offer to bathe me (no, thank you very much), take my vitals (ooh,that sounds Steven King-ish) and I received my daily call from a bodiless voice somewhere in the bowels of this living organism who longs to know my heart’s desire for mealtimes.

I’ve had a couple of minor issues with medication conflicts. The steroids impact Coumadin, but they will adjust the Coumadin accordingly. I’m improving daily and feel safe enough to go home, but it will be another day or two. My vote is for tomorrow.

I told H to do his workout and take a break, but I know he will be here soon. Then I will have one more person in my impressive entourage. I could be ruined, you guys. Everyone is corruptible, you know.

I’m alone for a few more minutes. The nurse just walked in and turned and walked out. I think she didn’t want to interrupt me again.

We’re having a rainy day here that may turn to snow later – no accumulation. The raindrops travel down the window, leaving long paths behind. They have always memorized me. Maybe we all leave paths.

We’re making steady progress in our little Cul-de-sac of the world. I wish all of you the same.