low-keying it

by Bella Rum

IMG_0927Everyone is still sleeping and the house is quiet. It will be full of action soon.

Everyone should have a DIL like mine. She’s done all the cooking. I’ve done nothing. H loves it when she cooks. She made salmon and  orzo on the night they arrived. I scarfed up the leftovers last night while they ate potato salad, deviled eggs and ham biscuits. I think the marinade was Ina Garten’s recipe for Asian Grilled Salmon, but she just baked it in the oven. It was delicious. It’s takeout tonight.

The youngest celebrated her first birthday yesterday. I’m flabbergasted. Where did the year go? It was a low-key affair, cupcakes and a gift. She was fine with it and so were all of us.

This visit is just what the doctor ordered… or should have.