déjà vu all over again

by Bella Rum


I’m back in the hospital. This relentless beast came roaring back with a vengeance Saturday night, and breathing became very difficult. We packed an overnight bag (H packed while I sat on the bed and told him what I needed) and headed for the ER for the fourth time in so many weeks.

The good news is that, at last, I’m all doctored up, a feat that proved impossible during my  Christmas  stay. I couldn’t get arrested by a specialist over the holidays, but today they came out of the woodwork to talk with me. I haven’t experienced such popularity since I was thirteen and David MacIntosh realized my legs grew five inches over the summer.  Maybe four.

I now have the box of docs I need to figure this thing out. I’m feeling more confident.

I had to stay in the ER last night because there were no rooms at the inn. One of the nurses was from Lubbock, Texas. She said that Texas, Alabama and Virginia lead the nation in this flu epidemic. After 31 hours in the ER, they moved me into one of the coveted rooms. I feel for those poor souls still waiting for a room and using a portable commode to hold their cell phones and iPods while I eat, drink and send missives into the Internet from this lovely, multilevel, plastic, imitation woodgrain table with multiple pullout leaves for laptops and letter writing. Sometimes it takes a little deprivation to make you appreciate the finer things.