New Header

by Bella Rum

Never again shall I be called a pessimist. Look at those flowers up there. No pessimist would dare to post signs of spring in this weather. March has been colder than February around here, or at least it feels that way. We walked in thirty-ish degree weather yesterday. That picture up there was taken a few years ago. I’m sure some spring bulbs have sprouted around here, but I haven’t run into them yet. When I do, I’ll change that header.

I saw a photo of a robin on The Bug’s blog the other day. It made me long for my own photo, my own robin, but that’s the closest I’ve come to seeing Mr. Robin. I will begin paying closer attention, but it’s been too cold to wander out on the deck.

We’re off for our frigid morning walk. I’ve lost the hideous, horrible and no good pounds that I gained while on steroids, but I have a few more I could lose without anyone suggesting therapy for a food disorder. Here’s an interesting thing. My appetite has diminished significantly. Well, isn’t that just a new occurrence?  Never has that happened before. Finishing the steroid treatment was helpful, but I believe one of my new meds can take credit for this phenomenon. Ha! The universe speaks and I accept. If it must be, it must be. Who am I to argue?

This is little old optimist me signing off. Have a good day! Heck… have a GREAT day.