Where is that bob bob bobbin’ robin now?

by Bella Rum

The cul-de-sac is white today. Yesterday, I complained about the dearth of robins around here, and I was promptly rewarded with one during my morning walk. He was pecking away at the soft ground in the median. I was so mad at myself for leaving my camera at home. Today we woke up to this and I only hope that my little robin is staying warm somewhere.

I took this one a few minutes before I started this post. The road is bare.


I took this one a few minutes later.


That’s fickle March for you. I know I was pining for spring yesterday, but I can’t help myself. I do love a soft, white snow. Hope your warming your toes by a glowing fire, Mr. Robin. I plan to. And soup. A big pot of soup is in my immediate future.