by Bella Rum

Unbelievably, I watched snowflakes melt as they hit my windshield on the way to the grocery store yesterday. What can I say?

The Grand Trio is coming for a visit this weekend. I can’t wait to see them. It’s been a long time. All are healthy at the same time… I think. I hope.

The kids like shrimp so I’ll make shrimp salad, pasta salad and maybe some chicken salad. Maybe. We’ll be the saladiest people you know. That’s for lunch. We’ll order sushi for dinner. Oh, and I’ll make a pineapple upside down cake for H. It’s his birthday and he loves pineapple upside down cake. Who doesn’t? That should hold us for a couple of days. I will do all cooking before their arrival and take it easy while they’re here – still pacing myself.

My latest craze regards Downton Abbey. I continue to hear or read about it everywhere. Everyone loves it. The last straw was Judy. I believe she and I and three guys in a bar were the last holdouts. She finally got hooked, and now I’m out here in the cold. I’m always late to the party. Remember? I didn’t start watching Mad Men until last year. After a little power watching, I managed to catch up. I have the same plan for Masterpiece’s Downton Abbey on PBS. On Demand has the first three seasons. But wait! For the incredibly reasonable price of $4.99, you too can receive one month of Downton Abbey viewing. I think we can afford that and I don’t see a problem with viewing all three seasons in a month… especially if it keeps snowing.

In News You Can’t Use

Chicago Tribune reports that Montana lawmakers vote to allow salvage of roadkill. Are they kidding? Who knew they had to pass a law for that? It reminds me of that law on the books about not abusing oysters. Who’s going to pay attention to a law like that, and who’s going to enforce it?  I abuse oysters as often as possible. Law or no law, who’s going to pass up a newly killed possum with fresh grille marks still on his face? Consider that while your eating your Cheerios this morning.

IMG_1489If you like your possum fall-off-the-bone tender, you’ll need one of these. After Rootie mentioned the ease of crock pot/slow cooker meals, I launched a search party for mine. After sitting idle for decades, I found it in my attic. I don’t believe it’s been used since 1975, but I plan to press it back into service soon. Barbecue is a wonderful summer meal, and the kitchen will remain cool. Go Montana!