Doesn’t intermittent mean alternately stopping and beginning?

by Bella Rum

I attempted to access my online banking all day yesterday. When I tried a few minutes ago, an explanation had finally been posted. “At this time, we are experiencing intermittent outages on This may prevent access to the site or use of our online products and services.”

I suppose it could be intermittent. I can’t claim that I tried every single second. Anyway, no huge deal. I have nothing due until the 15th. It is funny how dependent (you could even say entitled) I’ve become. I get frustrated when I can’t access what ever I want in an instant. Then I remind myself how we used to write checks and pay all of our bills by snail mail. Who ever said I was entitled to instant everything? When I stop taking it for granted and give it even a moments thought, this almost instant access to nearly everything is still a marvel to me.

Some of us even had to walk down a lane or street to send and retrieve our mail from our mailboxes. Imagine that. Our old, metal box rested between the V of a huge tree. I once sent off for a necklace that I believe I saw on the back of a cereal box. As I remember, I had to send a couple of box tops and maybe a quarter. For weeks, I patiently checked our mailbox everyday. It never came. Finally, David MacIntosh told me that Doug Andrews stole it out of the box. Some childhood crush of his is probably wearing my necklace this very minute. Or not.