Greetings, from my deck to yours.

by Bella Rum

IMG_1668As I predicted to anyone who could bear to listen, we’ve gone straight from winter to summer around here. No detours. We had sleet last week, and it was in the nineties yesterday, but without the humidity that summer will surely bring. It was the most beautiful morning you could order up. That’s an adjustment I can handle, thank you very much. But did I relax and prop up my feet and watch the clouds go by?

IMG_1663You bet I did, but I’m an ant, not a grasshopper, and you know what ants do. They get all their work done before they relax. It’s our nature. No propping up of feet until the work is done.IMG_1678

So I did what I do every doggone spring. I touched up the railing around the deck and porch. I’m not quite sure what they did when they built this porch/deck, but the paint pops up in certain places every year. My guess is that they painted the pressure-treated wood while it was still fresh and possibly damp. They probably didn’t get good paint adhesion. H replaced the  bench seat, and we don’t have the same problem now though it’s a flat surface and receives a lot of weather. Shoreacres, you know more about this than I do.IMG_1669After the painting was finished, I propped up my feet and relaxed with a book until the sun caught up with me. We won’t have much shade back there until the crepe myrtle leafs out. And since we committed crepe murder last year, I’m not confident of how much shade there will be this summer. I could live to regret my impulsive decision to whack it back. Impulsive decisions are rare for me. I usually think everything through, even perseverate until those around me begin gazing longingly at meat cleavers and other sharp instruments.  I just like to consider my options. What can I say?

Oops, I hit publish before I finished this. I had more to say. What a surprise. I have a few pics of flowers and such, but I’ll post them another day. So long for now.