missive from the bowels of the night

by Bella Rum

insomniaI’m not going into that title. Why? Because, though you my not believe it, and I’ve given you little reason to, I have some class.

Stop it. I can hear you.

I’m awake, have been since 1:30. Why? The clue is in the title up there. Read between the lines.  Bowels of The Night. There, I said it. Okay, so it turns out I don’t have that much class. It’s highly overrated anyway.

H is sleeping peacefully beside me. It makes me hate him a little. I’m jealous, or is it envious? Whatever it is, it makes me want to pinch him. But I won’t. Why? Because I’ll fondle his iPad instead. It’s hard to get my hands on it when he’s awake.

We drove up to Best Buy yesterday and ordered a new fridge. They will deliver it next week. No rush. Ours is working, not efficiently, but working. They credited us the full amount on our old fridge, but they didn’t have the same fridge. So we chose another and got the maintenance agreement. We ended up paying a couple hundred extra. Could have been worse.

I’m loath to write about it here, because I’m superstitious and it isn’t final, but I think we have a buyer for our property out in Boondocks, USA. We’re in the process of getting it surveyed. We’ve never had much luck with real estate. Fingers crossed.

So that’s my middle of the night missive. It will be time for coffee in a couple of hours. Hope you’re sleeping well. I’d pinch you if I was there.