Eye See You

by Bella Rum

eyeballYesterday, I saw my retina specialist. I have this condition/disease/issue with my eyes. The blood vessels leak and it obscures the vision. It is not macular degeneration but something that is genetic and very rare.

I had a procedure yesterday. The doctor injected a solution into my eyeball. It wasn’t as bad as it sounds. Turns out that it’s very easy to numb the eye. How fortunate is that? There’s no cure for this obnoxious problem and glasses do not correct it, but the same procedure used to treat macular degeneration slows the progress of my condition in about 50% of patients. I decided that 50/50 was worth a try.

Notice I haven’t told you the name of my condition. That’s because it’s three or four words and they stretch from me to you. I asked my doctor to write it down once, but it’s downstairs in my purse, and I’m way too lazy to go get it.

When I was on my way home, a black spot appeared in my vision. It was a little scary. I knew something was wrong because no one had mentioned the big-old-black-spot-in-the-center-of-your-vision problem. I called the office as soon as I got home (a little panicky by now), but the nurse told me that it was the medication, and the body would absorb it within forty-eight hours. Whew! H was annoyed because they had forgotten to mention this little aspect of the procedure. I was so relieved that I felt no annoyance at all. I took a 30-minute nap. When I woke, it was gone.

In other important news, my refrigerator arrives this afternoon. Kevin will not be involved. 😦 Sadness reigns.

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