All men on deck. Swabbing is about to commence.

by Bella Rum

IMG_2758I’m going to make this short and sweet because when I googled how to clean your keyboard, I thought I’d stumbled across Pilgrim’s Progress. How long does it take to explain how to clean a keyboard?

I must tell you how filthy they are… keyboards that is. They are filthy… f-i-l-t-h-y!! Many of them have more bacteria than your toilet. How are we feeling now?

Here we go.

First, shut down your computer. If you have a wired keyboard, disconnect it.

Then, as you would expect, turn the keyboard upside down and shake it a bit, dislodging as much debris as possible. Feel free to huff and puff on it, or use compressed air to aid in this endeavor. You could also use a soft brush or handheld vacuum here.

Here’s the good part. You know those cotton swabs that you’re NEVER supposed to use to clean wax out of your ears? Now you’ve found a use for them. Dip one in rubbing alcohol –ย isopropyl alcohol to be exact, NOT ethyl. Ethyl is a harsh old gal and will take the letters off your keys. Even with the gentler, kinder isopropyl (just to make sure) do a test rub on one of the letters you don’t like so much. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Then carefully clean your keys and in between your keys and around the edges of the board with that inebriated little swab.

You can also dip a soft cloth in alcohol and rub around the edges, but be careful. You don’t want that stuff running down into your keyboard. Dry everything off with a lint-free cloth.

At long last, the directions I found suggested that you plug your keyboard back in. Now, I’m not suggesting that to anyone who’s nice enough to stop by this blog because I know you’re smart enough to plug away without my condescending reminder to do so. I have a very small but very intelligent readership.

If your keyboard has removable keys, all the better to get to the gunk that’s lodged around your keys. Mine does not. I just squiggled my way around as best I could.

Now get those toilet bru…. um…. keyboard brushes moving.