a short trip to visit old friends or longtime friends or old, longtime friends

by Bella Rum

mickey-minnie-vacation-activitiesWe’re headed south to visit longtime friends. They were just across the street when we lived in MD. Now they’re one state south of us. They retired a few years after us. Earlier today, I was thinking about how rich our friendship was and still is, but we don’t get to see each other very much now. I think I’d like to change that, make more of an effort. It’s too easy to let good things fade out of our lives because life gets in the way or we’re busy or we don’t live as close as we once did.

When we spoke on the phone this afternoon, knowing that we didn’t have time to fill each other in on all the recent changes in our lives, she said, “I know we’re going to talk nonstop for three days when you get here.”

We met with one of the twins (our Realtors) this morning. H was so disappointed that both sisters didn’t show up. I’m getting a little suspicious about his interest in these two bottle blondes.

We’re trying to upgrade a couple of things at her suggestion. A trip to Home Depot was necessary. How do they sell anything in that store? There’s no one to help you. You need some help for certain things. This is not a hammer or can of spray paint we’re talking about.

That’s my update. I’ll see you on Friday unless I have insomnia during my visit. Then I’ll be haunting your blogs during the wee hours of the morning. Thank goodness you’re there.