pink eye and red eye

by Bella Rum

red-eye-hamI woke in the middle of the night, and H was in the bathroom… washing his eyes. His right eye was icky. When he got up this morning, it was as red as the flesh of a watermelon ball.

We called our friends and gave them the option of postponing. As you know, it’s incredibly contagious. H gave it to me, and I’m sure I returned the favor by giving it back to him. Do you get the feeling we could go on like this forever?

Our friend (the wife) was an assistant principal of a middle school for many years, and she is very susceptible. She joked about how she contracted it every time she was in the same room with a kid who had it.

So, we’ll visit when we are no longer diseased people. We are all disappointed, but it’s probably for the best for multiple reasons. I know how easy it is to pass it along, and we still have a lot to do before putting the house on the market, and a couple of things are time sensitive.

I have to unpack. Then I’m going over to my favorite farmer’s stand to see if our local tomatoes are “in.” I know I’ve bragged about them before. I will try to control myself and just tell you once this season that they are the best tomatoes in the world. There. I reserve the right to tell you again next summer.

A couple of weeks ago, China’s largest meat processor bought the pride of Virginia, Smithfield Ham. Smithfield’s red eye ham is my favorite ham. It’s very salty and unique. It’s delicious on a biscuit or roll or plain old thin slices. My brother gives me one every Christmas – that and oysters. Why did Smithfield sell? I can give you over four billion reasons. It’s all anyone is talking about. We’re assured it’s for the best because the stock will go up. I don’t have any stock. Forgive me, but I’m not all that concerned about stock. Just saying. Snort. Snort.